Oh great world with a trillion eyes, that stab & whip with scorn. I fear that gaze. Be damned you cunts.

Courage feels like fear

There be a mister Hyde dwelling here. A place for it to lurk. A place for it to fester. A place for it to manifest and a place to get it better. For a while now I have been writing various creative works without the courage to publish them in the public domain. You shall find no appology here, only perversion and postulation.

This section, actually, this entrire website, is an excersise in audacity. Specifically it is the willingness to have a thought and capture it so that a future version of me, may look back and wonder what on earth posessed the me of now. Thoughts are little daemons after all. The future me might applaud or castigate this self, who knows, alas today I do not know how much change I am catapuling towards. Perhaps it will crush me? Let me write that down.

Fast Forward These are various thought experiments concerning the future into which most of there stories are playing in. The universal concepts are shared not the contextual worlds of the story. New Bethesda Harriet is a reporter who travels to Wales to investigte the death of a pregnant woman who was burnt alive by her lover. Over the road In a futurist world overpopulated with loneliness we meet Charles. She conducts her life in the world of hyper-connected voyeurs. Scared by a previous trauma and a physical disability she lives in isolation on-board an freight liner, where she makes a living as a content creator. Satan in the static a singleton about madness from AI brain washing (incomplete) Entwined They took centuies to reunite. Persucuted, burnt, enslaved, they passed on the curse through their children, grandchildren, mothers and now we find them again binding together. Witched. Cephopiliac (Octophiliac) Sepio Vulgaris A vistrorian gothic tail of the trauma a high sociaty dandy goes through when his body is possed by an octopus. Make the name A disgusting self-obsessed mysoginst encounters a homeless man who casts a spell on him, a spell that un-names the recipient from the world Nascent Womb An English vet goes to Egypt for IVF treatments while she researches a rabies outbreak and gets impregnated with an ancient curse. Next door neighbour Reedsy flash fiction #120: Nostalgia Plureality (1k) The moments before the singularity event where known as the plureality. Plureality The moments before the singularity event where known as the plureality. The Red Path some place are just places others talk inside you Renaming Rachael A blood oath, a family fued and a shipping container called WRONG and the christening of Rachael the lamb 0f g0d A mass murderer plans to cull humanity. The characters are based loosely on the crew that executed the tokyo metro gas attack, the leader is in prison and passive until he sees Greta Thunberg on TV and realises how to cull the herd. Tunnel vision A new generation, a new narcotic and a new paradigm for self discovery. Head hacking is the new frontier for esoteric experiments. window shopping A near future sci-fi world illustrated the over sharing society and the terifiing face of a psychopathic content creator.