make the name (plot)

A disgusting self-obsessed man gets what he paid for.

make the name

a horrible man meets a homeless man who curses him to become undone.


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your name

The oldest word.

Language is that which separates us from all the other animals. our mother gives us that weapon, that force of domiation.

and it all start with a first word. a name. a thing that seperates us from the nouns and makes us proper. a sefquence of sounds that slip over our teeth or roll off a vibrating vocal chord.

and this sound of identify is mesningless. many beings share the same sound, millions, of humans have your name, and you have theirs. and in that you ll are fashioned as a lock is, and smithed by your morher, and reinforced by your father, over and over again, slowly rhe woed for you take hold of uou and knors and wleds synalpwes in your brain, killing then in your virgin mind. and ass you are formed by voerl and consanant more synapese are iron with the sound of your name, and a path inro is created. a parh rhar is acriated bu your name. your name is a key. a key in so much as ir is the thing that ar your core. it is the first citizen in your vocabulary. your name is not a word of any use, it is not a tool it is the symbol of you.

your name has a very special depth to it that other words do not have. uou van not unhear your name. when uou are unconscious, when uour are asleep deeply aslwwp, the sound of your name is ceryain to interupt your sleep. why is that? why is it that if someone calls to you as you drift off to sleep uou musr respond you your name. it is involentary response. uou simply must.

if we did not have a name what would we be? would we be animal? is it possible not to be named?

even a amnesic has a name. they have used up synapses in the brain in the same way as all other humans have, and recorded their call sign. the fact that they cant recall thar sound is beside the point. thwyir mother still named them.

we tread names with such under-reverance, such matter of favrness. they have no intrinsic value to anuone. it is just a name. and it is seen as an interchangeable currency. a cpin. something everyone has

i onder what ha[[ends to people who under fo name change? someone in witness protection, or [erhaps someone that chnages to a strict oradox relifion, that insists the [erson abandon there entire history and fore themself anew and as pary of the induction a holy m[assage of riyr bestowes a new name upon then, and then they have two names for a peropd, while the people they know are introduced to the new one, and the person absorbs the new sounds, and attaches importance, and significance on the new name. but i wonder, perhaps i doubt that the original name can ever be removed. i douby anyone can be unnamed. i think that like rides your name is rides at your core.

the thing their sits deep with you is make of millions of names. It is old. Very old. It reaches back through time and before planets and into space before planets. It is still there then as it is here now. The thing that makes you you is annonymois. unnameable. the objective of your aniet is perpetuate.

it is no more uou than uuour father and mother nad grand mother and great frand-father. and ir has np name. is care nothing of names. it cares onlu that uou have one, because it is uour name that it needs to ensure your consciouness has a hook to pin on.

what is this story about? make the name

the story posites that there is this entity of mulriplitudes, a conglomerate of souls that reside in one body for a short amount of time, as a homeless beggar. and the entiry collects souls vy tricking some one into a supernartual trick in which they name someone, vy name and surname. once the spell is cast they begin rp unravel. the act of naming someone in effect unnames themself, and the reversal of a name resulrs if annihaltion of the former person. ther are undone. not killed, not onliterated just unnamed. and a [erdon without a name can not be know e bu a peron with a name. in the way two languages can not cummunicate, albieir the respecfully have the same words in their respective vocabularies the two parties can not exchange thoufhts without a common form of expression. and so lanfuages are paradocival in this sense because they can only allow skilled users to transmit value propositions.