In near future world overpopulated with loneliness we meet Charles. She conducts her life in the world of hyper-connected voyeurs. Scared by a previous trauma and a physical disability she lives in isolation on-board an freight liner, where she makes a living as a content creator.

Charles is virtually gregarious, confident and outrageous, yet in her physical reality and she is petrified of people. So she lives in perfect isolation. Her entire world occurs in an area half the size of a shipping container, it is the dormitory area on the rig of an eighteen wheel self driving cargo truck. She travels the roads picking up and delivering cargo. She lives over the road. Never still. Never stationary. A butterfly.

Until her perfectly moulded world cracks under the weight of her past.

The ignored things lean in. Cracks form in her reality, they threaten to crush her solitude, obliterate her brittle serenity and plunge her into the real world. A living hell, where the hell is other people. The sky is blue, the sun is out and it never rains on top of the clouds. Everyday is a beautiful day on top of the clouds.

The weather is changing and her return flight is grounded. She goes out with her crew, and they are separated. At some point in the night they are buzzing on coke, and someone approaches her with asking for directions, she is a beautiful Mexican woman, and she shows her a map, the map is dusty and the woman blows the powder into her face. Charlie is a bit insulted but drunk and she is confused when the woman gets nervous and looks fidgety and anxious, and approaches her, and whispers in Spanish. Charlie doesn't understand.

Plot Summary

before ...

clipped wings

todays another day

show time on the train

this is a story about a nomad.

she was a trained piolet as a very young woman, one disaterous trip took her to colombia where she was became a victum of a limb-jacking.

her right arm was aputated and so too was her profession.

During the kidnap she was rapd mtiple times under the influsence of escopamina (suggestion drug) as a result of the rape she beomes pregnant, and lter enduced to coma and as a result the family is legally unable to to terminated the pregnangy [1].

wound contamination meant more arm had to be removed and at that point her nerves where re-reouted to clusters for bionic control system.

the re-routing was successful and eventually she was fitted with a very hi-tec prosthetic mechanical arm.


birth control and procreation

[[birth-control]] boys can not be aborted, and girls can be harvested