Plureality (1k)

The moments before the singularity event where known as the plureality.

The hotel door open and a fat woman stepped into the corridor. The woman's face was flushed with pink, especially her cheeks and the tip of her nose. They glowed with the heat of a recent orgasm. She was so big and so beautiful, and she knew it. She knew it and she loved it. Her pink skirt was so sheer it bordered on transparent.

She looked down the corridor, all the way down to lobby, it was empty, like any other hotel passage it also had the dull almost hollow quiet of subliminal sex. She smiled broadly and turned to face into the room.

"Come here", she said, "it's empty"

She pressed her arms together and her bossem buldged forward, massive and deliciously.

An equally large man in a hotel dressing gown step forward, and looked left and right like a very nervous padestrian, then reached forward and grabed her breast.

"You're killing me pigglet" the man said.

He tugged her and winked.

"I can't. I godda go." she said.

He politely relaxed the insistent tug and stole a simple defeated kiss.

"Tuesday?" he asked.

She smiled and nodded.

"Marvellous", he said and reached for the door handle.

"Winnie?" she asked and lifted her right hand.

"Oh Piggy why don't you just keep them?", he said.

She smiled and cocked her head.

"I can't honey, you know I can't" she said as she pulled her curly blonde hair into a pony tail and leaned forward.

Her heavy bra-less cleavage beckoned.

The man came forward and unclipped a set of pearls. The pearls where a family heirloom, and so old they where almost priceless.

Next she offered him her left hand, she was wearing an engagement ring and wedding band. The band classically simple and the engagment ring classically extravogant, with a central clawed diamond surrounded by ruby pertals.

He gently twisted each ring from her plump little ring finger. This act made him sigh and smile with melancholy. An old unexpressed sense of saddness intruded momentarily.

He bounded the jewelry in his hand.

"Hey" she said and smiled, "next Tuesday right?"

He looked up and nodded.

"Tuesday. Marvelous", he said, " thank you", he continued slightly more ernestly.

"The pleasure is mine®", she said, "See you next Tuesday".

He closed the door and she stood for a moment longer, smiling at the closed door and then the heavy set woman turned and started to waddle down the long hotel corridor, toward the elevator with a loud cheeky fart.

Flatulence is the explosive emission of a predominantly methane gas from the anus. It isn't related to the flapping of butt cheeks, as most people believe. In this case, however, it was. The farting was continuous. As was another, similar, but much more subtle hiss, emitted from her nipples and ears and nose and eyes. The plump woman was deflating, and not by some unfortunate puncture. She was designed to deflate. Or inflate. According to the eye of her beholder.