complimentary crap

A disgusting self-obsessed man gets what he paid for.

The corridor smelt like a new car, it was darkly lit and the carpet was mottled with red and black patches, like a forest floor, but with the colours inverted. Larry walked along with his ego inflated by pride. He passed his neighbours doors one by one, with a broad smile and relaxed gait, he unlocked his door, entered his room and immediately took off his socks. They were ruined, so he threw them in the bin, dropped his jacket on the bed and went to the bathroom to examine himself.

He was still rock hard. He undressed and turned the shower on and snapped open the little plastic bottles that were neatly arranged next to the sink. Larry had a hot shower and shampoo, and finished off with a breath taking freeze. He read somewhere that ending with an ice cold shock was good for the nervous system, and helped keep breasts firm. He liked firm breasts, and so it became habit. He put on the complimentary bathrobe, slipped into the oversized Japanese slippers and immediately regretted leaving his new shoes under the bridge. Larry hated fucking around in the morning, and knew that tomorrow he would need to get another pair before work.

He examined the other complimentary products next to the sink, there was a small sachet of night cream, and a facial moistener. He used them all. There was also small shaving and needle kit. He looked in the mirror and was surprised to see a 6 o'clock shadow, so he had a shave, and then took the sowing kit into the room and dropped it in his suitcase. He had paid for the room, and that meant everything was his, and so he was not leaving anything unconsumed.

"You get what you pay for" his father would always say, followed by, "free is just another way of saying we already got your money, sucker". Larry often repeated that saying to anyone who would listen. The only difference was that Larry had not paid for the hotel, it was a business expense charged to his employer.

Larry checked the mini-bar, and took a packet of roasted cashew nuts to the bedside draw and sat on the bed to see how much room service would cost. His erection poked through the loose robe. Larry looked down at it. It looked up at him. It throbbed in time with the heart beats he could hear in his head. There was a knock at the door.

His phone was on the table, he checked the time and was surprised that only half an hour had passed.

The young woman from the elevator looked at the illuminated room number and wondered if she had made a mistake. She was sure she hadn't yet not sure if she had. When the light, shining out from the peep hole on the door, went dark she straightened her stance and pushed her chest out confidently. There was a pause, a long pause before the door swung open and she immediately stepped backwards, put her hand to her mouth in amazement and giggled, then with a quick flick of her head looked up and down the length of the corridor, she was on her own. Larry was at the door stark naked with an erection, calmly eating cashew nuts.