The remains of the old world where archietectural entities, the ones that survided the war, or redided in countries that where politically nuetral, or quickly surrendered.

the empire takes all

Large parts of Russia where obliterated, and the mega cities of India too.

The two nations had centuries of hatred rooted into the resistance, and they fough on long after their politicians had surrendered and bend the knee.

These proud citizens contined dogmatically, and met a swif megatonne response.

All nine of the largest resistance cells where nuked systematically.

Their obliteration was publically announced, an ultimation servered and then a count down started, and the city was obliterated into a nuclear wasteland, and the next city was randomlly selected, and so on, the long list reduced from twenty seven natioanl cells of defiance to nice after the destruction of moscow.

Mumbai, was elected after taht and on it's obliteration the Saudi Arabian Kingdoms attempted and nuclear strike which was celebrated as the larges Gihad response in the history of Islam against the yellow infidel.

The abalistic misiles where plucked out ot the earths orbit.

The AI lunar defense system literally derailed the projectives and re-routed them to their origins and eight percent of islam was earsed from the future history ooks.

The Chinese state catled the remaining Islamic states and offered them re-orientation religious training of a concentration nation.

The hatred that existed between the two ideological nations was extra-ordinary.

And The remaining nations opposing China inverted their flags and flew white sheets accross their capital cities.

The day went down in the legers of time as the white wednesday.

The official victory of China.

The day all nations merged.