world building

The history so far …

The UK is a province of China, the Royal family are a Brand, the former properties of the royals ar now state owned, with a few open and museums. Prince William and Kateare the supposed king, and theeir existance is in a communal state owned ward, the royal ward, which is basically a council estae of very high qulaity. A hotel residency.

The Monarch is an employee of the state. And host a realtime TV cannel where all aspects of their life are subscriptions inclding their intimate life.

The European Union have sanctioned the UK entirely, for the great betrayal. Which was set in motion in the late twenties, when the govern conservative governmentwas repelled from office and the labor party began its fatefull episode that resulted in a trade agreement with Cina and ultimately that agreement drove a wedge into the party which fuelled overtly social ideologues with well crafted social reforms.

The reforms where strategically delivered by the Chinese government along with a. Massive improvement in the general economy and emplment soared, and the general positive attitude to the communist boaconstrictor.

The southern tip of Africa from South Africa, Mosambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Mauricious and Malagasca joined the Extended State of China.

Corporate states were created. These are intellectual definitions that where created to exist out of local government. The where comprised of very powerful trading entities and existed without territorial influence. These where create to prevent countries owning techniclogial advantages. In other words a country would lobby to host a corporation, offering tax reductions, etc etc, the country rented the corporation’s participation in their economy. The world changed massively, as distribution control defined the power balance. Apple vs Alphabet vs Amazon vs Baidu. This empowered the cryptocurrency concept and detached it from it’s fiat tethering, that was the final liberation that the infant currency needed. And cryptos spawned like mushrooms.

Your social status was measured by which currencies you held. And in an attempt to normalise the wolrd market, the eight most powerful nations agreed to maintain a duel citizenship system, where there was the national or naturlaized individual identity, and their international value proposition. Some times referred to as HaaS. Human as a service. In it’s essence every body was a cryptocurrency, in terms of an unforgeably identity. The gensis block was initiated by the country of birth, and that was the only sembelance to the former pasport sysytem.

You where a currency. There was inital social outrage until humans at large realised that it was un ugrade, the went from a mere number in a system, to anther number in a system, and the second one actually had a value, it was tradable, transactable and auditable.

The last part was most appealing to the just members of society, for there was the emergent promise that the badies where traceable, the goodies where fine, and politically tis is meme that was grafted into the international psyche. And ultimately that is the idea that became institutionalised. On face value it was appealing the system seemed to have a moral code of righousness baked into the core of the system, and this was reinforced with the imossible to tamper nature to the blockchain.

Russia collinised the North Pole submarine oil fields. This pre-emptive move cause a massive international uproar, essentially that the pole was no body territory, in the same way that the antarctic landmass was. Russia deployed nuclear powered stations and built a russian state islnad, attached to the mainland with massive cables, and proclaimed that the water was not international, and that the floating state was in fact an extended attachment of the country of Russian and therefore was protected by the international rights afforded to all sovereign nations. They then sited Gibraltar, Grand Canaries, Falklands Islands and Vatican as having full lawful entitiy advantages as it’s respective mother land. And that all trespassers would be prosicuted.

The immediate fallout was the obvious first hand played in the game of securing fissile fuels. And Russia, knowing it was not a trading force in the new world, merely a proud sentimental entity displaying the pomp of power made a play for the eventuality that the last oil day was already on the horizon. Russia then very quietly bored laterally in to the great Norweegen oil reserves and began siphoning, completely undetected.

China, being the only colonising nation focused it’s attention again on Cuba and Venesula, to stategically strangle the USAs petroleum dominance. They resurrected the Cuban nation and re-pained the Vensulan government with communist red. The third Cold War was manifest.


The surface of the planet is 70% water. Water below 0 degrees Celesius crystalises, the liquid changes state into a solid, called Ice. Because of the angle of suns rays that strike the planet, the poles of earth get less of the intensity of the Sun. There where ice caps on the earth for hundreds of millions of years, there was a period of upheaval, volcanic activity, and later an alleged meteor storm that occuluded that suns rays enormously and so the the water cooled and the ice formed, then millions of years later the dust settled, the skies cleared and the the oceans received radio active warmth once again.

With the warmth cam lots of chemical activity, and with that came lots of life forms, as carbon randomly connected into to more and more complex lifeforms. The increase in temperature marks a massiv jump in lifeformation on earth. When water, comes in contact with ice some heat is exchanged and the ice melts. Ice is the forgeiner. Ice is water without energy. To argue that as a species we should protect the ice caps is futile. It is futile because as a species we would need to cause an ice age to prevent the ice from melting. To cause an ice age we would need to activate volcanoes. And vocanoes don’t pay heed to the vanities of mankind, and neither do huge collenizing nations. Colonizers do not pay heed tot the targets of their strategy. Instead they fuel in the civil excitement on the soil of their targets, they fuel socical unrest, political dissent and instigate decadence. These social activities keep the local ruling systems occupied with tending to their back garden, while the front garden is carefully evaluated.

It is difficult to accept that our planet does not really care if we exist or not. But according to the universal nature of things is very slowly deterioating with universal entropy, wo we are and what we do is of notsignificance, except to our self. New generations arrive and protest, if the uunited belief that they are the first to notice the destruction in our midst. And that generation yells and condemns their forefathers for a selfis lack of humanity, and vow to right the wrong with festivals of music and narcotics and fornications, and the continue like this until they are evicted from their parents homes, and forced to find a habitat, and pay the rent, and catch the polution beltching vehciles to work every day, they feed themselves on the carbon that they insist they are saving. And then some decades later they smile sardonically and frown akwardly as another generation arrive and blame them for the state of the planet. And each wave of humans fails to acknknowdge that it them that are the problem, it is the billions of offspring that are agrivating the equilibrium, it is the human that is not sustainable, and it is only the human that is responsible for the violation of the environment. And there is no cure for being human. The human has not yet made a positive contribution to the universe, to be specific, the humans’ contributions only accelerate the destruction of the environment in which they exist. There is not compatible agent. We are it. And this is not a judgement, it is an observation that this behavious is the universal objective. The final objective of the universal everything is total entropy. The return to chaos is the natural state of all systems. So we are perfectly natually occupied. We are doing gods will, we are god, we are the universal intention expresssed to fulfill that final objective, and perhaps if we a species did propogate to otherland of distaant plantets we could accelerate the state of entropy there too. Bring ups to chaos. Bring us to destruction. Bring us to pure equality where everything is again the same and un measureable and infinitely and equally separated from all other atoms. And from that gas, and new spark will ignite, and compress us into the matter of all existence and explode again into the matter of the unknowable space of existance and nihlism. But before all that happens lets try to deal with the melting ice, the last few litres of oil and a planet full of people that will not be able to leave when the oil finally finishes.

Here is the paradox of progress. Things improve, new knowledge is added to old knowledge etc etc, it grows, we discover new was to do the same things, and our efficiancy improves, we make more, with these new materials that we discovered. For example. We use a stone to dig a hole. In the hole we find a different song that when it is heated turns to liquid, and then that liquid solidifies makes a much better tool than the initial stone. We call the new thing a spade. With our spade we dig in different places and find a black oil that can be manipulated with heat, and even sustains the life of a flame, we call the new thing oil. With the sustained life of oil we cook more things, amke different stuff from the oil, different materials, we call one of those maaterials plastic, and another pertolium, and along the wa we figure out another new thing called electrictiy and that new thing is made by taking other things and fusing them with heat, they cause a nasty by product, but the electricty is really amazing stuff, and it is very clean, and has not a single byproduct, Wonderfull. And so it continues, one thing making another thing possible. But then we realise that this wonderful stuff called oil is running out, and it is also causing really nasty things in the environment, so we use more oil to clean up the polution of the previous way we used to use oil, and we neglect to see the irony. We are using oil to clean oil. And as the oil becomes less and less we have to surrender some stuff. We surrender the platics first, but we know that now we are evolving in reverse. And at some point we will have to surrender the electrcity, and then as less and less oil is available we will soon run out of a way to heat up the other minerals and stones that make up the iron that we needed to make the spade, and then when the oil is all finished, or un mineable, then we will be back to the beginning. We will have a stone. And perhaps the big question is who will be around at that distant moment in time? Who? So what are the alternatives to oil? We have not figured that out. We do have some people insisting that we should do to other planets and take our toys there and see what we can figure out. The oil problem is that as of today, the only way to jump off the planet is to have a super powerful oil propelled rocket. And at some predictable point in time we will not be able to fule those rockets, and then we will be ins a world where whom ever is left on the surface of the planet will be trapped here.

They will be trapped because there is no more oil to shoot a rocket off into outer space. They will be trapped because all the nice things that lengthened their life, and healed their illnesses will not be available because they too require oil. And slowly all great human grandures will seize. Because the thing that is more precious than life itself is electricity, and electricity is the child of burning other stuff. And then perhaps we will be confronted with the realisation that carbon based life forms all consume other carbon based life forms, and that is the essence of life. We eat ourselves in different forms. And we have done this since we started as ractio active mud, millions of years before today, and that we should not forget that essentially that is all we are. Highly evolved mud. Even oil is mud.