That is the paramount principle, from which all values and moral substance is derived.

And to unpack the principle we find the two existential entwined essentials.

Two none negotiable.

One from our combustible compound constitution, and the other unexplained.

The animals only care about the consumption of nutriants, in the form of other carbon based life forms, or abstractly canimablistic and sleep.

The nutriants are ordered in a importantce roghly according to the percenticle constitution of their occrance in a given speciecies.

For example a human is mostly water followed by carbon, oxygen and ofther trace minerals.

The undeniable objective of life is to produce energy, in the form of heat.

Lifeforms are nuclear reactors, small powerstations that find fuel and make heat.

But what is the deal with sleep.

Why is this period of vulnerability and rest so cardinaly bound to us?

Sleep seems to be the function of intelligence, and in a primitve way ensure the probability that nutriants will propogate into the next day, and the following week, month year, the more we can provide the potential o our existance the less energy we need to spend on the creating or gathering of that life sustaining comodetity, and the more we can invest in the forthcoming future proogation of the species itself.

When the priciples are catered for then the need for procreation becomes a secondary driver.

We know it is sceondary because when a life form is under threat the faculties cancelled and the faculties activated inform us or existention priority.

Reproduction is low on the list when compared to attack, flee or wait and see.

So back to sleep.

Sleep is the function that welds knowledge into DNA.

It is a bookmark of the current envionment, and the information that describes it as it currently stands.

A snapshot.

This is then encoded and our next reproductive cycle with use the updated versoin of our existance when it creates the next facsimily of our generic strain.

Sperm and ovairian eggs need to ave sort life spans to ensure the difference in knowledge, or the deltas are contantly up-to-date.

And so knowledge is accumulated, and verwritten as we evolve.

Sleep does not care about emotinal state of the sentient being, that is transient.

it is only essential to the current expression of being, and quite irrelevant to the strain of the animal.

Knowledge stored in memories are emotional catalists for behaviour patterns, and mostly in the form of emotional reactions.

Bad memories are much more useful, in therms of utility than positive ones.

Negative emotions keep the being agressively aware of threats to the likely hood of remaing alive to exist again tmorrow.

The reproductie potential for the carbon based lifeform has a very narrow window of opportunity of approximately forty five years.

This is a loose overlap of three generations.

This in ideal circumstances allows the child, mother and grand daughter to exchange narratives and techniques.

The grand daughter grandmother relationship is important a an information rminder to behavioual rituals that are arcitipically important.

Those stories are told b the mother, and reminded by the grandmother.

The female of an species is the most important variation of any life expression.

The most efficiant societies of life, are matriarcal conglomerations that harvest male reproduction contributions, on seasonal cycles.

The female chromasome is symertrically balanced, were the male is not.

The malformed pair makes a violent expression of the animal.

The violent gene is paramount in for the aggresive protection of the species, BUT it is also prone to self inflict on the same sociaety or cummunity.

The malformed expression is ill equiped to manage amoungst chaos.

The male is programmed to order and a priority, they seek to enforce an illogical desire to explain and order.

The male gene provides order and the female provides dis-order.

Disorder in a conceptual sense.

Unordering is perhaps more precise.

A deviating order versus a converging order.

This gender is reflected again in the ecpression of age.

At the event of conception it is the masculine component that binds the feminie components into a formed expression.

In to a life form.

Into a vessel, or a body.

And at this conception event the binding is strong.

The order of the chaos is bound tight.

The youth is an expression of femanie energy.

As life extends the chaos is trying to escape the confines of order.

the tight grip loosens over time, and the more it loosens the less the life form can heal from the delapidation of time.

calls do not entirely restore themselves, because of a tiny expression of chaos, or entrophy in the cell.

The more time passes the more the entophic damge occures.

The original chaos is execising more and more influence over the life form, chaoses objective is the liberate the form from all contraints, and so aging is the manifestation of chaoses liberation.

Generder slowly converges on a unisexual similarity, and that is the market of stagnancie of the generic offereing.

The genes of old people are too far different from the the compound knowedge of active DNA merging, so the stagnated gense become sexually isgraded for the respective species.

These are the labouring beings, and their labours serve at the grace of the young.

Their task is to ensure the updated DNA strands couple and reproduce, with updated existential information on the zipping of the two DNA pairs, which are also encoded to reference the previous two pairs of orignation DNA.

And as time continues the entory releases the grip of the firm that maitains the cessels form, and the life form decays and is returned to the infite sourse of chaos from which all things come.

Chaos if the existance off everything, expressed in equal parts such that nothing is distinguishable from anything else because all parts are perfectly in balance with all other parts.

Perfect chaos is perfect freedom, and perfect harmony.

Chaos is the inifinte system of rest, and the opportunity for form to exist.

Chaos is the opporuintiy of creation.