the day that the word nation was stripped of its plural.

The great paradox is that a nation can only exist by comparision to another.

It is illogical to for a single nation to exist.

If there is only one one football team then the concept of competitors disappers.

And all that rmains is the game.

And in the political sense diplomacy dissapears, politics becomes absurd, democracy is pointless, and passports are functionally redundant.

When the war is won what should be done with the weapons of administration.

The military lingered and a peace keeping force, to normalise the new citizens.

Then over fifty years the military was merged into the local police force, for practical reasons.

The people of the new population where not abisciously interested in joining the army.

There was no longer a social status or value proposition and social advantage in aligning with the defense force.

The in just no longer existed.

Social workers where socially equal to militray ranked professional soldiers.

On the surface of it violence went underground.

The political parties did not have and real ideologic contrast to persue, so the world government lost it's interest, it very quickly became logistical management, regulating food supplies, migrating skills to ensure efficiant use of resporses.

Arrange dister recovery for natural disaters.

The glamor of social servants quickly lost all appeal to the meglamanics.

The ruling elite got bored, and started sport hunting on colony provinces.

It took an addition century for the murder lust to loosen its grip on the human condition, and like all all normalised societies the greatest threat to the population was nihilism.

The void had amplified and it was staring back with a preistoic wisdom, suicide was the phonomina that ensured the balanced death toll.

The most important meaning or value that anyone can have is the opportunity to be victorious.

The essential meaning is required to have some dramatic purpose, and the self percieved conflict is the meaning that is essential to being.

And the drama was gone, for the most part, the mundial enemy was missing for the first time in the history of this era, the eon was void of the antagonist.

The enemy was now within, the ememy was a whimsical declaration, or a fashion trending in social circles.

Without was there is nothing.

Was is that great moderator that orientates us.

Was is the outmost circumference of human rights.

For the onl emergent motivation of the carbon based dilema is to survive one more day.