In a futurist world overpopulated with loneliness we meet Charles. She conducts her life in the world of hyper-connected voyeurs. Scared by a previous trauma and a physical disability she lives in isolation on-board an freight liner, where she makes a living as a content creator.

When I a young man, in my early 20s my father died, it was sudden and that made me an orphan. My world was smashed and sometimes in the middle of something stupid I would stop and cry.

Once I opened the trunk of the car to load my groceries and I choked, I ended up sitting in that car park with my hands on the wheel until all the shops closed.

A woman who worked in the hair salon locked up and shutter the shop, saw me and looked in my windshield.witj her keys sharp on her knuckles and tlher orhe rhand holding something hidden in her purse.

She saw me as rapest and that made me with and my nose flogfwd and I started frying all over again.

She approached and knuckled the window but I could not pronounce a thing.

You can't stay here ya know, she said, you have to go on now. Go.

I nodded and through my snott and tears I said I can't. Everyone is dead.