Language did the same and linguistically the hman language is a modified English, and not manderin.

This came abouut because of technology.

In the years leading up to the unification of nations trillions of peope came engaged in programing for some sort.

And the invested language debt in computer languages swayed the rule to abandon hieroglyphic symbols for a small phonetic version of the simple latin charater set.

Englilsh is not waht computers read, however it is the language that computers read, all the foundation languages where rooted in fundimental english logic expressions and all interfaces with the world where paint with english attributes.

The world language was an eurochinese dialect written with latin alphabet of 32 characters, the number most suitable to a bitwise operation, all accents where removed, all diagraphs abandoned, the internation alphbet was polished of all the sharpe snaggs that contaminated the letter form, and the ideosincratic lisps and clefts of the tounge were wiped from the international language, and a phonetically smooth oral spoken form evolved into the terralingua or liguamundia.

Which Literally means "world language".