Missing myself

An English vet goes to Egypt for IVF treatments while she researches a rabies outbreak and gets impregnated with an ancient curse.

Tony went back to Maggies ward, the lights were dim and he couldn't believe that she would be asleep, considering all the comotion, but he entered quietly, hoping that she had her ear plugs in, and finally managed to get some sleep, she was looking exhausted.

her bed was empty.

tony approached softly, and felt the matress, it was still warmish, and her slippers where neatly perpendicular to the sidetable.

maggie? he called, and headed for the toilet.

are you okay Maggie? he asked at the door to the toilet. still no reply, he pressed his palm on the door and his eyes darted as he tried to listen into the toilet.

are you in there? he said.

tony carefully twisted the door knob, knocking as he pushed the door.

the small bath room as empty, he stood at the door for a moment then rushed out the room, and headed towards the nurses reception. he arrived in time to see the isralli nurse exit the back area in her civilian cothing on with a large gause pach on the face and over the jaw line. when she noticed tony she avoided his eyes, and tucked her hair behind her ear and half smiles and closed the door. the nurse at reception waved and greeted her in arabic, she nodded and waved back.

tony said to the duty nurse, hello um, i not, um, my wife is missing.

the duty nurse looked and him, and frowned confused, and her eyes darted to the other girl, and back to tony.

my ... um. my wife, is no in bed, yes? he spoke slowly and deliberately. the nurse smiled and one minutes, yes, okay? she said and raised a finger. the isralli was now standing by the elevator, looking up as he digits changed, she looked over at tony, and then translated to the duty nurse.

ah, said the nurse, and she spoke to tony in slow deliberate arabic. and tony just dropped his head and sighed. the nurse shrugged.

sorry, i no can do speaking. wait. please i coming, she said and stood up and left her post, talking to the other nurse, who reluctantly left the elevator and came to the desk, to address tony.

she is going to get someone on the thrid floor, shell wont be long. she said

tony nodded gratefully, and looked at her plastered face.

she noticed his eyes and felt embarassed and turned the facing side away from tony.

oh, im sorry, tony said. i ... sorry. he said.

she looked down at her hands on the counter, and checked her watch.

shes not in the bathroom is she? you did check right? she asked.

tony nodded, of course. she is not there, her slippers are next to the bed. where the hell would she go? He asked himself.

Well I don't think she came up here, we would have seen her, you know, there was a lot of activity, so ... maybe she went in the wrong ward. She said.

maybe. um ... so were is this nurse then? I mean I need to find my wife, and this is taking ... I'm getting worried. He said.

The nurse looked over at Tony. Then she flipped her bag off her shoulder and over the counter and nodded to Tony.

okay, lets have a look, she said, which ward is it?

Tony nodded, thanks, its west wing 6A, its, well next door to the, you know the ward. he said.

The nurse nodded, ok then, she said.

They walked the corridor counting down the number until they got to number 6a, and Tony opened the door, the nurse entered and Tony followed.

Maggie was in her bed, with her back to them, breathing slowly, her slight frame lifting under the covers.