one to rule them all

What happens when a single nation rules the world?

Lets hyperthetically sa that the markers of an expanding empire can be simply determined by which ever nation is actively colonizing new teritorries.

Colonisation is not a function of force, but intelectual prowness.

In the case of China in the 20s.

They target contries with ignorant corrupt governments and a large poverty problems.

The first step is to assit finantially.

And this assistance is the loss leader, the Chinese leaders know that hte inital aide will never touch the population, it will line the pockets of the leaders, and whet their appitide, once the leadersip has taken the inital plunge in integrity the next step is to offer more money, however this ransaction requies a collaterrol in return.

China purchase a small part of the core function of the country, and pours investment into that, while at the same time politically ensureing that the corupt leading party is entrenched for the foreseeable future, this is because a counter balance in political leader ship will threaten the return of investment.

Either the new people will need to be purchased a new or far worse the new people will take measure to eradicate corruption before the leading chinese nation can significantly improve education and the rule of law.

Slowly the schools of the target nation are improved intelligence shows marked improvement, and girls start entering the working force, with positive optimism about the future, and this is all happending as the metropolitain police are re-trained by chiesee militray personale.

The rule of law has the intial side effect that crime starts to reduce (as employment increases) and because the police force is less corupt, there is a high ideal installed, and the peacemaker is born, the peace maker is a nobal job, and so the newly trined police force is an attractive and easy way to get education and a vocation that is securley backed by the government itself.

And slowly the nation is brainwashed via the police.

Then China improves the militray stregth, taking the often bullied, or wkeak techincal capacity of the nation and helps strengthen the pride and honor and then the Cinese government snatches the reigns of power and locks the country down all within a few final weeks, and the ruling party discover that nothing can be done to request internation intervention becaue actually they are them selfs outlaws of their own constitution, and what is worse is that they (the ldeader of the antio ) have sold the country to china, in so much as they are irrecoverably in debt for the rest of the foreeable future.

The leander has called the and the borrower has defaulted, and the loss is the country itself.

All the while other similar countries in much worse economic and political condition have been purchased, and the net effect is that the country and its neighbours are now part of the federated chinese market state.

But there was on particular arfican country which although it stood in resistance longer than it's poor sibling states did get swallowed, this was the former South Africa.

And the resaon that this was so significant was because of Gold, and not for the reason most people related to godl.

Gold is not imortant for stabalising currencies, since surrencies are no longer tethered to formal fiat.

Gold is imortant because it is not corrosive, and is plays a very important part in the circuitry of electronics, yet as important as that is the most important resaon is that gold is of found next to uranium and plutonium.

And those two minerals a key in the production of electricty and weapons of mass destruction.