Working the wet room

over the road

Chalrie creates a scene in the mall bathroom

She walked back to the other side found the bathroom and pushed her trolley into a shower cubical. She took out a ring light, tripod from her backpack and set them up.

She mounted the phone in the center of the ring light, checked her teeth and started recoding a live stream. She unzipped the front pocket of her bag and took out an small container which housed two bean sized white pods. She tucked them into her ears.

The bathroom was large and the trolley parked near door, comfortably. Along the one side was a bench with a rail of clothes hooks half way up the wall, and opposite that was a handbasin and toilet. She carried the tripod contraption and sat on the bench. She looked around flexed her false fingers, then streched her feet and examined her shoes then suddenly she looked up and smiled.

In an instance she was a different person. Hi DanTheMan2022 thanks for coming, you're the first one, and the first one always gets 500 credits. Enjoy! She watched the screen and waved again, prompted by an unheard chime, it played each time someone joined, and it played slightly differently each time someone tip her.

Hi DevilBoy7322 she said As she waved she undid her top button.

Hey GreyBlack69, she said and undid another button.

Hey Anon9432421 she waved, why don't you login? she asked.

Thank you StillStanding yes I know! Are you coming to the PV? she asked as she undid the last few buttons and let the shirt open to show her chest.

She squeezed a breast smiled at the camera.

So ... who wants my panties today?

She giggles and fanned a swoon into the silent bathroom.

She carried the tripod over to the trolley and took out one of the plastic zip locked freezer bags, and a bubbled postal envelope and walked back to the bench.

She set the camera down low and pulled her panties off, and rubbed her armpits and vagina and folded them neatly, showed them to the camera and slipped them into the plastic packet, and then into the postal envelope.

So today I am in a static station in the mid west, so everyone that ordered my underwear I will be posting those today, so you should have them tomorrow or in a few days if you are here in the US. AndI have also give your one of these, if you follow me you should already know, about this.

Charlie bent forward in a well calculated slow revealing jesture and lifted a small perfume sachet up to the camera.

This is my new perfume, just so you can have me right there on the pillow with you, I wear it everyday, and this really is who I am right now. If you have any of my second-handies you will recognise me, so yeah you will get a free sample, and it's available from the shop too. And YES, all purchases do receive a private video, one off, 100% unique and token credible.

What's that Yahdish56?

Charlie frowned and nodded attenativelty and put her thumb up.

Great question, and the short answer is YES, but I would need to get your VPN pipedrive details, but yes it is not a problem.

Charlie pulled the top off and stood naked in front of the camera, with the graphine arm at her side, then lifted both arms and pulled her hair back curled it into a bun and pegged it with a hair pin.

She stepped closer to the camera and framed her upper torso and reached up and deliberately uncliped the main clip that fastened her arm to her shoulder.

The silent bathroom became quieter.

Charlie smiled and systematically removed the prosthetic arm, until she all that was left the mauled stub. She waved at the camera with the absurd stump. And somehow deep within that tangible silence someone was masturbating. She knew they where.

Charlie put the arm down and head for the shower, taking the tripod contraption with her. She set it in one corner, adjusted the antenna stand and raised it slightly.

So I don't have all my usual toys today, as you can see we are winging it in this public bathroom, so there is not haptic for this one, okay people, it is just the way it is. Oh, and I'm over-the-road again this evening, so ... we can hook up later. But for like now, we are al' natural. No accesories. No batteries. Just me.

She smiled and winked and pouted.

Charlie showered and shaved her legs and armpits. After that started a private chat and masturbated, and by the time she was done the truck was ready.

She finished the session by getting dressed, starting with the prosthetic arm, she attached a paper chip to her underwear and wore a new set of clothes from when she arrived.

The dirty clothing was zip sealed and parcelled.

She left the bathroom cubical registered the packges at the postal counter and posted the bubble envelopes in a mail box which was on her way to the parking lot.