Yung Cheng Lin

Every now and then some shows you another way to look at the world. And it is profound

A random act of acknowledgement

Of all the places to go I went to I do not know why I did, but I did. And there amounts the mundane I saw that photograph.

And then I followed her, and looked back in time at all the things she did how see saw the world, the places that she experienced and I was in awe. For a moment. For just a little moment I was amazed and then I went to Instagram and sent a link to a friend and that was that.

Time past. Time passed. Instagram trapped me with dopamine and I clicked hearts and flicked down, down, down, and people where happy, and their life was amazing and then I caught my self disappearing into that shit. That shit that excludes me.

All this to say that all that made me write a page to the artist.

This the facebook page of her own and she exhibits her genius on Instagram and flickr

Doing this tribute to her has been very cathartic. I am happier for doing this. I think I will do this more often. Thank you Yung Cheng Lin.