Writing advice from Kings

Writing advice you actually need


I hate writing advice. truely i do. it seems that every other writer on medium has advice. stangely so do i, here it is apart from this article stop reading advice suggestions. yup. paradoxical indeed. Stephen King and Chuck Palanuik they are qualified to advice, they are also qualified to insult you with that advice, and that is advice worth having. put it like this, if you are reading an advice column, you are not writing. that is an instant fail. get off social platform, that corode you with doubt and start making mistakes, start fucking up big time, start having that humility to be a terrible writer. but. read these two articles first.

The most difficuly thing to do is write. The migration of thought is limited to words, and they are so infuriating, nevertheless there is a certain calm that i get when i close my eyes and type blind. First of all you get loads of spelling mistakes eerywhere, and to be honest that happend anyway, i am dyslexic so yeah, par for the course.

Today I was exploring the xxiivv webring just allowing myself to be in awe of other peoples passions, and the things the make in their time, and i came accross this website, and from there i ended up on Barnes and Nobel, and and article or essay written by Steven King.