Unsplashed or Imagekit


The bitmap hosting dilema

unsplash this is a fantastic way to contribute creativity to the world, for free and as a karma byproduct you get to have your images host too. I take loads of photos, with my phone, i am not a pro. and normally they end up consuming drive space or lingering on instagram. as i gradually move away from content conglomerates like instagram, toward my own hosted services, image hosting does present issues. over time a gallery ends up getting huge, this means that using a free git repo, quickly hits the upper limit, and in all sincerity the images are not important enough.

so my compramise around my creative constraint (for this blog) and to ensure my git repo stays slim is to host images with a conglomerate. the fediverse does have an instagram competitor, but it means hosting a server node on the internet, which is something i will do, in the future. right now though what are the online optoins?

[[glossary#unsplashed]], [[glossary#pixel500]], [[glossary#instagram]]