A picture worth of words


Here is a bench. It is in the park and in the sun. It is in two places at the same time. I like this bench. It is the second one I tried today. I sit down.

Today I want to sketch a picture in words. One thousands words apparently. I am not sure where to begin, it does not matter, here goes nothing.

Radiating out from me, this is what i see. Bubbles. A you boy with a green plastic contraption is tailing after his mother and soapy bubble tail after him and a sister after them. They are bisecting the path on the path of tar.

Clusters of people pollute the lawn that stretches from the edge of the path to the horizon. The sky line is jagged with houses. Two fat dogs drag long bellies on the ground and sniff at the lamp post that is immediately in from of me. The lamp post divides my vision in two equal parts.

Lets call the parts "left" and "not-left". There is no right side to be on.

The let park is dull, there is a line of trees that run on the edge and frame the parameter with old fat trunks and heavy bows of green leaves. It is late in the year, and amongst the million some leaves are already orange.

A woman with massive white shoes walks past, wearing a floral slacks and a black cardigan. She is wired from her head to her hand, and has a glassed look on her face.

She distracted me from the left park.

Like I said it is dull. There is are two middle ages woman in the distance, wearing baggy clothing to disguise an over indulged diet.. Their dogs are tethered, and not all that interested in one another. There is a sudden trend of diagonal traffic.

Pale girl with slick thin limbs and a forward thrust head with baseball cap cuts into the left park. Now on the not-left park is crawling with humans.

Two people criss cross before me a woman in a loose one piece, it is a floral tiger print back and florescent orange and pink, and walking in the opposite direction is a tall thirty year old man rough with stumble and entranced by the palm of his hand, he is looking into its hand, and suddenly smiles and nods at it.

A young woman with a young man decided to leave. She hoists herself up onto her knees. She has a very large butt. She straightens her knees and that big fleshy bug go up into the air, while her hands stay on the ground. She is a triangle for a brief moment, then up goes her shoulders. She reaches her hands to her but and sweeps them with her open palm. Then she grasps some trouser leg and yanks up. Her legging stretches into her crotch. She does the same with the material on the other leg, and turns and reaches for the hand of her boy friend. The are sleepy and happy and walk away, cutting diagonally from not-left to left park, join the tar path at my feet and leave the park by the left gate.

Charlotte arrives with a smile. She sits down.

I frantically type a description for her, while my eyes reach for the next attraction, the next human, doing some arbitrary thing. I am paralysed by choice. There are so many clusters. The closest is a party of about six Chinese folds. There is a black pram next to them and it has two stars and a massive 2 blobbing in the air. Chrome pink helium balloons, on a fuscia entangled ribbon. A child dressed in bright orange sits in a mans lap, the child's posture makes the father look like an arm chair. The child is also attached to a balloon. A pale ping light bulb bobs over head.

The father picks and combs the child hair like an ape would do to another ape, looking for lice. The child leans forward with a tiny hand and fanned fingers. The fingers clutch and extend, cloth and extend, a different human opposite leans forward and picks up a bottle of colorful liquid then leans at touches the bottle into the clutching hand of the little one. The hand clutches and the arm retracts.

Charlotte has just stood up. It is time to go.