handwriting pictures


The SVG is my favortire form of image, it is a vector resolution indipendant and it is a text file. So far the best workflow for creating an SVG is Figma, which has a killer feature, hidden deep in the bowls of a right click contextual menu, the ability to Copy to clipboard.

Apar from the obvious convienience it has re-wakened my desire to draw on screen. A mouse, meh, a Wacom ... hmmm, nah, but a screen stylus is the bees knees. My laptop is a Chromebook, a Pixelbook to be specific and I was one of those idiots that forked out the extra 100 bucks to get the pen, which basically gathered dust until recently.

Figma has a two way workflow for working with SVG, as mentionsed before you can copy the full SVG document into the clipboard and paste it in your facorite IDE. Nice! You can also do exactly the opposite.

For argument sake, you search for an icon online, right click on the assets, and Copy outer HTML, from there a paste inside of Figma will deliver the SVG, full editable vector illustration as you would expect. Why so surprised? Well because this is actually quite unusual, ofter the SVG is rendered into a flat bitmap. Figma does it right.