destructive by design


IRL (in real life) we live prescribed to a very strict limited dimension. These are specifically have three measurable positive dimensions, and are in a constant state of decay. Physical reality is an expression of the universe. By this I mean they are finite. The objective of the universe is the divergence of all systems, until it attains absolute entropy. The ultimate state where all matter is is equally spaced from all other matter, gravitational forces are equally expressed in all dimensions.

All things, absolutely all things are an expression of the material energy of our physical universe. We do not know what caused the initial boom, but we do know that everything came out of it, and that everything is travelling away from its origin. The constitution of our Sun is an expression of that core. The earth, by the same token, is a very small sun. Think of water sprinkler launching droplets of molten lava, into the vacuum of space. Our sun is one of those drops, as is earth, and are we, as is the moon.

The universe is finite, the genesis explosion happened and all things that could exist do, it is not a stream of explosions it was a single event. Everything that exists now is everything that can ever exist, and it is still moving away from the origin event, that is to say that the universe is still in a state of expansion.

Nobody cares about this. It is an abstraction of thought. No more no less. It is a puzzle that invites us to understand the origin by deducing from it's behaviour, how it all behaves.

Let us jump from the almost infinite largeness of the universal everything and come down to earth, and to where we are now in a polluted mess of our own making. Let us set our eyes upon the species to which we belong. And consider our selves. Are we too made from the same stuff as the Sun? Are we too constituted from the same material as the moon? And of course that answer is, yes.

We are essentially radioactive mud that was percolated in brine. The conditions where perfect for our blog of magma to slow down and fall into orbit around the sun, another radioactive liquid sate light. Our blog was just the right distance from the Sun so that it could cool down a tad, and so the meniscus spherical droplet hardened into a crust, and all those ferocious hydrogen explosions welded 2 parts of hydrogen with one part of oxygen, and hey presto the inferno made a water molecule, and then more, and more, until most of what it made was water, and the ball cooled down and hardened and the water pooled into seas or a fine mist from all the steam, and that was the sky, the hemisphere full of maverick oxygen and mixed with water vapour.

The majority of the planet is carbon and iron and nitrogen some important salts and minerals but essentially the most important one by far is carbon. Why? Because carbon is famously promiscuous. It like to couple itself to other elements, and has four points of contact to hook up with and essentially billions of years of hooking up with random things in random combinations resulted in carbon based life form.

Millions more years and trillions of combinations and here we are you and I. So there you have it you are a mutilated piece of the sun. So when someone asks what is the meaning of life you should consider our absolute essential origin, and that is the answer, to a very boring question. Perhaps we could ask a much more interesting question of the person enquiring, something like this. Why do we reject the simplicity of life? Are we too stupid to comprehend intrinsic simplicity or is it a built in deception of carbon itself?

The universe's objective is to become nothing, it is designed to self destruct, and this design pattern is it's meaning. Every living thing understands this. Understand in the instinctive sense of it's meaning. A rock will not understand in the same way as a mother in child birth. Yet the rock is tomorrows beach sand.

The problem is not with life itself, no it is with intelligence. By intelligence it is defined as the ability to transform a constraint, a much more encompassing definition specifically worded to include more that the human being, the arrogant bald primate. Isn't is intelligence that has gotten us to where we are now? I assert that it is the fundamental culpable party in the ecological fiasco that is currently at hand. Or rather perhaps a modification is due, intelligence is that which deceived us to believe we are not made from that same stuff that everything else is. Some how we are different, and the recurring justification is that "we" can talk. That is the single differentiation, and perhaps our greatest flaw. On the other hand, we could propose that intelligence does assist the universal objective to destroy everything. That is the meaning of life. The experience of decay. Our intelligence is, in this case, moving that intention along.

Let us apply the argument to evolution. Darwin proposes natural selection, and the survival of the fittest. A very reduced version, nevertheless accurate. Perhaps it is infect the creation of the most destructive. It holds true that the fittest would imply the strongest, or best equipped to perpetuate them self into the foreseeable future, an improved version that is more intelligent as well as physically endured to defend them self.