Codepen primitives in realtime


Codepen is a super handy online utility primarily for frontend developers, to fast prototype and showcase fun stuff within the inspiring community of developers. Since I am a front-end developer and working for a company that has a realtime messaging service I decided to make something.

Codepen primitives in realtime

My day job is a frontend developer, the holy trinity is CSS, HTML and JavaScript, no matter what false gods you worship that is what the web is made of. The false gods we use are: Ruby on Rails, Webpack and Sass. Sometimes there are more trendy cults in the mix too, like Styled components, React and some Gatsby too.

Recently the company I work for decided that they needed to redesign the architecture of the website, as this caused a vaccum in our production cycle while the foundations where argued and architecture thunk, and so to my absolute delight I was given the opportunity to visit a different team in the organisation. The DevRel team.

DevRel stands for Developer Relations, and the team is tasked with creating tutorials to demonstrate our product, and attend talks and seminars and interact with the community of developers at large. Mostly they invent stuff to showcase a feature or framework, the majority of the stuff is web tech, and the team also reached out to external experts for skills they do not have in house, for example a C# tutorial might use a freelancer.